Your friends will be some of the most important people in your life. They will be the people that you talk about your problems to, they will help you overcome your challenges and they will also be the people that you get into trouble with. Your friends will become like a second family to you and you must make sure that your friends know that you appreciate them. Like any relationship that you have their will be good times and bad times but with your good friends you will always get through the bad times and become better friends.

You should celebrate big moments in their lives

Show your friends that you appreciate them by celebrating big moments in their lives. You should celebrate big moments like when your friends are getting married. You should throw your friend a Bachler party to show how much you appreciate him and to show that you are happy for him and that you care about him. At this bachelor party you should hire female strippers. All the males there will be very happy and so even your friend will. During things like bachelor parties these ladies generally pay extra attention to the man who is engaged. You can get different packages where they will even perform one on one shows.

You can also have a topless waitress at the bachelor party. This will involve attractive women serving guests topless. This will make the bachelor party more fun. This will also make the night more memorable. This will be a great way to astonish your friends.

Enjoy the time that you spend with them

Make sure that you enjoy the time that you spend with your friends. You never know what the future holds for you or your friends so cherish the time that you’ll have together. Make sure that you spend less time fighting with them over petty things and spend more time doing fun things.

Always keep in touch with them

True friends can be apart but they will never grow a part. In this day and age it is very easy to keep in touch with your friends. You can talk to them every day if you want to and you can also just turn on your computer and see them every day if you want to. You can always know what is going on in their lives and you will not become a stranger. Due to the internet you can feel like you are hanging out with your friend’s everyday even though they are not there with you.

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